Breaking News: Points Envy Ejected from FTU

As we mentioned in our most recent Week in Review, we were really excited to attend this weekend’s Frequent Traveler University in Los Angeles. We’ve been tweeting enthusiastically about the event and looking forward to meeting our fans and fellow travel bloggers (a subset of the aforementioned fans).

Today, after waking up from an epic night of partying with the Japanese crew from our flight to L.A., we decided to head over to the Sheraton Gateway Hotel LAX. Of course, we stopped first for a quick breakfast of six (or maybe more?) bloody marys. Eventually we found our way to FTU, but we were stopped by someone sitting behind a table as we tried to enter. This “person” told us that we were not on the list for the event, to which we responded with the usual, “Do you know who we are?!”

Of course they knew who we were, but apparently there is a $99 registration fee for the event, a fee that clearly should have been waived in our case. This was heartbreaking: $99 just to hear some alleged “experts” teach us about things we already know? Still, we wanted to meet some people while we sobered up, and we have some credit card spending requirements to meet, so we agreed to pay. We were then informed (for the fifth time, supposedly) that the event was sold out. We again yelled, “Do you know who we are?!” While this has always worked for us in the past, especially at higher volumes, in this case we were simply asked to leave.

Before departing, however, we made a quick trip down to the basement, where we were able to put into action our latest attempt to take over the travel blogging industry. All we needed was a few minutes of access to the hotel’s plumbing and things were set. Unfortunately, judging from #FTULAX tweets, it’s clear that someone noticed our tampering and shut off the entire water supply before we could take care of the competition.

Needless to say, for many reasons, we will not be showing our face at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel LAX for a while. We will, however, be chillin’ on the Frequent Traveler University frat row later tonight if anyone wants to play some beer pong and help us hold auditions for our new assistants.

3 responses

  1. First a tornado…now this?😉

    December 2, 2012 at 7:33 pm

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