Bender at Chase Responsible for Erratic Behavior

It has been a terribly confusing week if you’ve been trying to keep up with the offers being rolled out and cancelled by Chase bank. Earlier in the week, the tragic news of the death of the Sapphire Preferred’s 50,000 point bonus was offset in part by a 60,000 point Ink Bold bonus and a 30,000 point Freedom bonus. The very next day both of those offers were largely dead, but a 35,000 point Freedom offer popped up. This offer was also gone within an incredibly short time, and now a 100,000 Avios points offer is up for the British Airways card. If this past week has taught us anything, it’s that you need to steal these points pies from the windowsill before they have time to cool.

The rollercoaster of emotion over these past few days has had us wondering what is really going on over at Chase. To find out, we attempted to contact our insider at Chase on Tuesday afternoon, but did not hear back until early this morning. According to our source, the bank’s credit card promotions department has essentially been on a bender since Monday afternoon, a party paid for entirely by the savings resulting from lowering the Sapphire Preferred offer.

“I can’t really remember much of what happened since around 4 pm Monday,” said our source. “There were carts of champagne rolled in and then some tanks of some kind of gas; let’s just say we’ve been having a good time.” When asked about the varying promotions, she noted that a certain prankster named Tom had been modifying links and sending them out to mess with the frequent flyer crowd. “Yeah, Tom just thought it was funny to see the frenzied reactions; we all did really, even my boss.”

It is a sad fact of life that even the best parties must eventually end, as the department found out upon waking up Friday morning to a barrage of nasty emails from its higher-ups. As far as our source knows the promotions will be honored for those who applied, though whether the department will be required to scale back in the future remains uncertain.

2 responses

  1. sam

    you better not CALL them and ruin the card offers. CALLING is the worst thing you can do unless it is in a case of cards getting denied for applciation

    April 7, 2012 at 10:29 pm

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