New Delta Award Booking System To Make You Jump Through Hoops

As many in the frequent flyer community have noted over the years,’s award booking system is broken. After fielding customer complaints and seeing bad press on the subject for so long, Delta is finally introducing a new award booking system, and with it comes good news and bad news. The good news is that low-level awards in both business and economy class will be far more plentiful.

The bad news is that whereas the old booking system required trickery, persistence, and sorcery, the new system makes you jump through hoops – literally. And when we say “literally,” we don’t mean an emphatic “figuratively,” we mean that you can reserve an itinerary on Delta’s site but then must head to the nearest ticketing office and jump through multiple hoops in order to complete the booking.
Flaming hoop

What would you do for BusinessElite?

“We listened to our customers’ complaints about lack of low-level award availability, and I’m proud to say that our low-level award inventory is better than it has ever been,” says Delta Award Booking VP John DiMazzo. “Now our customers can easily redeem their hard-earned SkyMiles for the flights they want. It’s all about the freedom.”

Nice try John, but if anything this is another example of Delta disrespecting our American ways.

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