Chase Developing Sapphire Preferred Preferred

An insider at Chase has informed us that the bank, in an attempt to take advantage of the wild popularity of its Sapphire Preferred card, has been working hard on a new premium version: the Sapphire Preferred Preferred. Although some details remain hazy at this point, the card will surely be tied to the Ultimate Rewards program and will carry a higher annual fee than the current card, likely in return for benefits similar to those associated with the American Express Platinum card.

The front of the Sapphire Preferred Preferred

Chase has apparently been working on the card for months, but technical issues related to its thickness and weight have delayed its release. Developers initially insisted that the card be at least twice as thick and twice as heavy as the original Sapphire Preferred, but these requirements led to difficulties with using the card in traditional card readers. Some on the development team were also initially lobbying for a genuine gold rim around the card’s edges.

SPP Compared to AMEX Platinum

The team appears to have reached an impasse at this point, with some members leaning towards more traditional card dimensions and others hoping to keep the thicker design and figure out a workaround. The latter view is favored by Chase spokesman Kevin Robertson, who explains, “The Sapphire Preferred Preferred is like the A380 of the credit card world; it’s bigger and better, but it still has some kinks to be ironed out.” Points Envy will continue to keep you up to date on the progress of this new offering.

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  1. Oh, but will it include FastBreak elite status with Budget rent a car?

    March 18, 2012 at 5:09 pm

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