Points Envy Erroneously Omitted From Technorati Travel Blog Rankings

In an unfortunate error, the internet’s leading blog search engine and directory mistakenly omitted one of the world’s leading travel blogs from its most recent rankings. Although statistics, common sense and our straightforward catch phrase all clearly indicate that Points Envy is the third and a half biggest travel blog in the world, the current Technorati chart shows no mention of us in the top ten.

We admit that our massive egos were almost affected by this omission, but the real reason we decided to write this post is simple: justice. Yes, justice. Or wait, we mean fairness. Yeah, fairness. It is only fair that our blog be given its proper place in the rankings given our hard work and dedication.

Over the past couple of months, we have spent four or maybe even five hours toiling over credit card bonus details and award booking rules to bring you that hit of information needed to satisfy your frequent flyer cravings. Moreover, we regularly fly first class and stay in elite suites just to report on those experiences for our readers. Sure, The Points Guy and View From the Wing do that too, and work substantially harder, but we don’t think they should be that much higher than us in the rankings. For your benefit, we have provided an illustration of what a fair version of the rankings would look like:

Technorati rankings (with fairness taken into account).

Of course, we cannot hope to stay near the top forever (see Julius Caesar, The Notorious B.I.G., and the United States), and we therefore believe it is critical to celebrate our current success while it still tastes so sweet. Accordingly, we are throwing a huge party in Dublin next weekend and are inviting all of our female readers! More details are forthcoming, but get ready to bring your own (and our) Guinness!

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